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Overview of the report

Discover tactics for effective retail investor engagement with this comprehensive Best Practice Report, produced by IR magazine and sponsored by Proxymity. This report is authored by industry experts and features insights from leading organisations, providing a deep dive into the latest trends and behaviours shaping the retail investor landscape. 

In this report, you'll learn:


The Rise of Retail Investors

Explore the catalysts behind the surge in retail investor participation.


Factors Driving Retail Investor Engagement

Understand the motivations and behaviors that set retail investors apart.


The Role of Technology

Discover how technology is democratising access to the stock market and empowering retail investors.


Regulatory Changes

Learn about regulatory shifts that are enhancing retail investor empowerment.


The Future of Retail Investing

Gain foresight into how retail investors will continue to shape the investment landscape.

"A retail investor definitely presents themselves as a loyal investor." 

Our Head of Product, Andrew Myers suggests the best ways to reach retail investors including the right communication channels and shares his thoughts on key facts highlighted in the Best Practice Report.

Download the report now to gain actionable insights and strategic recommendations for effective retail investor engagement.

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Insights from Proxymity Co-founder and CEO Dean Little

Explore the nuances of retail investor behavior in our in-depth report, featuring insights from industry experts and Proxymity's Co-Founder and CEO, Dean Little. Understand the impact of technology and regulatory changes on the stock market and gain unique perspectives on retail investors' evolving role. Download now for exclusive insights into retail investor engagement dynamics.

Other experts featured in the report

USA Ian Selig

Ian Selig

VP - Investor Relations | Safehold Inc.

EU Andrea Wentscher

Andrea Wentscher

IR Manager - Retail Investors | BASF

UK Fraser Ramzan

Fraser Ramzan

Head of IR | Marks & Spencers