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Using Shareholder Insights to Drive Engagement



About the Webinar

Effective investor engagement hinges on an actionable understanding of your shareholder base. To execute successful strategies, companies must possess up-to-date ownership information, enabling them to prioritise tasks, tailor communications, secure support in pivotal votes, and identify potential activist threats.

Watch our webinar to learn how companies leverage shareholder intelligence for impactful engagement programs and explore the transformative role of technology in generating novel ownership insights.

Some of the topics discussed include: 

● How to use shareholder insights to enhance engagement

● Case studies of year-round engagement programs

● Effective ways to communicate with retail investors

● How technology is revealing new insights about share registers

Panel of Industry Experts


Tim Human (Moderator)

Senior Reporter

IR Magazine

Mue Yucel

Muge Yucel

Director of IR & Sustainability

Galata Wind Enerji

Michael Kempe

Michael Kempe

Global Head of Business Development


Marc Koebernick

Marc Koebernick

Head of Investor Relations

Siemens Healthineers

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